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04-20-2013, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
That's because the team wins/loses despite Torts. Our defense has been all over the place this year. We have barely controlled the neutral zone. We are weak along the boards and with our forecheck. Less and less players are committing to the ridiculous "throw your body in front of the puck" sentiment.

He's getting less credit this year because he deserves less credit. The team starts slow and the team's play is clearly not an indication of the system he supports.

The theory that Torts was disrespecting Hank is quite narrow minded on its own. It was 8-3. No need to drive up the score even more. He's got to protect his players, running up the score could have potentially warranted Buffalo's enforcers to take runs at our players. If we had scored and someone took a run at Nash or Step and injured them for the rest of the season, this fan base would skewer Torts for not putting the 4th line out. With some people on this board, you just can't win.

But as for your "stop finding ways to criticize Torts" sentiment... the list is endless. His system is idiotic, in my opinion. He employs little-to-no logic when making decisions. He constantly meddles with lines, especially (it seems like) when they are beginning to work. And he's too stubborn for his own good.

He's a good guy. Perfect for a team of under achievers that need motivation. But we're past that stage now and he either can't or refuses to adapt to his current roster.
I hear ya man. I guess I'm a Torts apologist, but I still disagree with his line shuffling and in-game decisions at times. Our system is built for the playoffs, when games tighten up and physicality/defense becomes essential.

I just feel that some people on this board are just out to get Torts, and think that he can do no right. Even when we win convincingly, some of you guys still find ways to criticize him (like screwing Hank of the Vezina by putting the 4th line out and knowing they'd get a penalty and then BUF would score with 45 seconds left, really?).

You have to agree with me that Torts gets minimal credit when we win, and often gets the blame when we lose. Feel free to criticize him when we lose, but when we win, lay off

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