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04-20-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Renbarg View Post
They're hockey professional athletes, and the people asking the questions are professional sportswriters. Sportswriters already have their story written, they know what quotes they want, and they know how to get them! Sportswriters can be very, very, very obvious as to what they want the answer to be. They'll ask the question, and then lead them to an answer. Even if they don't, athletes know what sportswriters want. They'll give them what they want every single time because they'll be done quicker if they do.

In addition to this, the goon schtick has been a part of hockey cliche for ages and ages. Its akin to "gotta be smart with the puck." Athletes just spout this stuff, regardless of whether or not it is true, regardless of whether or not they are prompted (although they are).

Just listen to the Okposo interview on

This isn't even my anti-goon rant. This is my sport interviews are useless 99.999% of the time for informational purposes rant.

I bet you can find great quotes about Roloson from every player in our lockerroom his last year here. You'll find all sorts of leader crap, and great lockerroom influence ********. Guess what? Second he gets out of here, you have an actual moment of truth from a guy like Parenteau and you find out he wasn't liked. Its all ********, it always has been, and it always will be.
For the life of me, I'm trying to remember when anyone spoke out about Konopka, Gillies, Haley, Godard etc....

I do remember when we didn't have a single guy on the roster like that, and the team played like a bunch of scared mice. They also got their ***** handed to them physically on a nightly basis.

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