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04-20-2013, 11:12 AM
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Matt Cooke is a piece of ****.

It was on purpose. He is not the "new Matt Cooke", the guy is dangerous - period. Anyone who believes it was an accident is a naive fool as far as I'm concerned. I know you'd much rather live in a world where "accidents happen" and "who could possibly want to stomp another man" with a skate on" and forgive the man his digressions, but he's a piece of ****. He hurts people. With his knees, shoulders, elbows, knees, hands, and feet he hurts people.

We will continue to be victimized when we forgive those who make us victims. People who do those sorts of things are different; they think, or define it as don't think if it's easier for you to digest, differently than the average person walking and/or skating around. Matt Cooke tries to hurt people. Not to win hockey games, not to gain a competitive advantage, not as revenge, not in defense - the guy is a vicious, mean, dirty, piece of ****. He does it because that's what he does. **** Matt Cooke.

I could have written that post today, 66 days ago, or five years ago. Sadly, I'll probably be able to quote it soon enough. He shouldn't be in hockey. Hell, if he wasn't a professional athlete where would he be? Jail? I wouldn't bet against it. And yes, I'm condemning the man's character on and off the ice. Lots of guys in jail have a wife and kid who love them, and a dog who can't wait until he gets home. Doesn't mean the guy isn't a piece of ****.

**** Matt Cooke.

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