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04-20-2013, 11:27 AM
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A few things:

- Someone should have gone up to Cooke and really beat the living crap out of him back when he was the league's worst offender in terms of intent to injure
- As bad as Cooke was back a few years ago, everybody deserves a shot at redemption however.
- He's nowhere near as bad as he was back then, let's all take a deep breath and at least acknowledge that because it's the truth.
- I cannot believe he meant to injure Karlsson in the way that he ended up doing; yes it looks suspicious because it's Cooke, it's Karlsson, the play should have been blown dead by the incompetent ref etc.... There's just no way you can get me to believe that he meant to slice up Karlsson; he tried to take him out in a less than admirable fashion yes: he was trying to use his leg as lever to make Karlsson fall over backwards that is crystal clear (the puck was going around the board when this all went down) but it is not against the rules (and shouldn't be because that would be a can of worms if I ever saw one).
- Cooke is not anywhere near as dirty as he used to be and yes I don't believe he meant to do it I still wouldn't mind having someone from our team just pummel him because there needs to be a response in the same way that Carkner responded to Boyle taking liberties with Erik in the playoffs.
- That being said we simply cannot afford to lose a game just to make a point: we need to win because that's what the teams behind us in the standings are all doing. I would be very disappointed with the team if they did anything deliberate that could jeopardize the playoffs because this team has worked it's butt off and in spite of the ridiculous amount of injuries (half the payroll was gone at one point! HALF!) is still in the playoffs; risking it all just to make a point would be unprofessional and, honestly, a bit disgusting because I don't want to cheer for a team that puts responding over winning and securing a playoff spot, the Cup matters a whole lot more than Karlsson does and it looks like he'll be back soon anyway. If we had clinched a playoff spot and we pretty much locked in position then I would expect some kind of retribution though: these kinds of events need to be acknowledged by both teams but in the end, in pro sports, winning in the single most important thing; acting like angry children goes against that.

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