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Originally Posted by JimAnchower View Post
In addition, I see the master plan for Westgate was going to have some residential units. The problem with this is no one wants to live next to a sports venue. They bring in a lot noise and traffic on game nights. Generally, people want to be about 10-15 minutes away. Close to get there in a short time, far enough away that you don't have to deal with the noise and traffic if you aren't attending an event.
Yes this is very true. The other problem you have is that the Valley itself is over-saturated with shopping mall destinations most with considerably more offerings, while Glendale already has one in Arrowhead which for the size of the place is actually ample. Westgate itself is completely disconnected from Main Street, which pretty much emptied of independent retailers & service providers from the 60's onward when malls were going up everywhere & shopping habits changed. Ellman sold Westgate to Glendale as the "New City Centre", promising a Scottsdale like shopping destination, up-scale, major league sports as the anchor and with UofP Stadium already on the books not a hard sell. As CasualFan notes, the benefits of stadium & or arena development subsidized by the public sector are negligible to non-existent, here a glaring example of just how badly it can go all wrong.

Had Glendale gotten creative, intelligent, they could have mapped out a far more attractive future for themselves based on their formerly agrarian communal roots from Main Street on out. Most of these Edge Cities combining sports & shopping destinations are based on the development in Irvine CA back in the late 50's through the 60's, one of the anchors there being the University of California at Irvine. You had/have considerable wealth already pre-existant in Orange County. In a place like Glendale, you dont have that, yet sardonically, you have Bidwells and the University of Phoenix Stadium as if to somehow intimate that Glendale is convenient to any of their campuses, a town of academia not unlike Irvine or say an Ann Arbour. Bidwell's did in fact have plans mapped out for a massive single family home development with golf courses, pools, schools, the whole 9 yards called Sportsmans Park. So ya, extensive residential was forecast, planned to be taking place.

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