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Originally Posted by sansabri View Post
i'm one of those people. Gretzky came into the NHL ( well, WHA first ) with a stacked team and put up insane numbers. Lemieux came into the NHL on a bottom feeding team that took years before they even became a contender.

The team was not stacked when he came into the league. I mean outside having Gretzky that is.. two seconds on any site would tell you that.

And by the time Gretzky was putting up his first 200 point season he was still more than doubling the next best player on his team in scoring.

while Gretzky was an insanely gifted playmaker and would have most likely not suffered much during the dead puck era - i highly doubt the same can be said about his goalscoring.

and when you come down to the meat of it, with everything that has happened to Lemieux - the only difference is a measly 0.04 PPG difference between the two.

And how many more games did Gretzky maintain that pace for?

i've seen both play a lot growing up and Lemieux was just on another level to me. he was tall, had a great reach, could at a turn of a dime just burn a defender, he could score from anywhere even during the dead puck era while carrying 2-3 guys on him ( hell, we've seen him score one-handed )...
I also believe Lemieux was probably the best attacking player 1 on 1 ever..

if he had been able to be healthier, i know without a doubt he would have broken a lot of Gretzky's records.
Maybe. For Lemieux it depended a lot more on how the rules were being enforced.

He relied on the PP a lot more for his offense than Gretzky did.

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