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Originally Posted by JimAnchower View Post

In addition, I see the master plan for Westgate was going to have some residential units. The problem with this is no one wants to live next to a sports venue. They bring in a lot noise and traffic on game nights. Generally, people want to be about 10-15 minutes away. Close to get there in a short time, far enough away that you don't have to deal with the noise and traffic if you aren't attending an event.

Now there are valid reasons to build sports venues for reasons that are more than economic. Modern sports venues bring better events and experiences to a local area that wouldn't happen without the sports venue. For example, someone may not be a sports fan, but they may still use the sports venue to go to a concert, a circus, etc. But those other reasons don't apply to Glendale either. The people of Glendale already had the US Airways Center to experience those sorts of events.
I wouldn't say "no one" in Toronto apartments around the Air Canada Centre are pretty pricey. My cousin has a place in Maple Leaf square right next door to the arena, and I kid her and her husband that they paid a huge premium for that location vs places a few blocks away and neither of them is a sports fan.

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