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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
No, its not that "simple". I've personally got over 3 decades worth of working as a "Consultant" under my belt. Dealing with primarily entertainment but so too some sports properties and Im talking serious stuff, global, big stages. I dont need to be lectured by you or anyone else as to what constitutes "reasonable fee structures", be it venue assessment, marketing, legal. Sure Im aware of others in my industry grossly over-charging, bad apples everywhere, in every sector. I suppose I could triple, quadruple my rates for whatever. Just sit around in a Fez smoking a Hookah all day & wait for the phone to ring. Not.... I sometimes wonder if
You know, not everything around here has to be construed or turned into personal attacks.

There is something called market rates. Bigger named firms get more credentialed people working for them therefore they can charge more money for their services. Firms only charge what people are willing to pay. So if you are charging less than you can get for your services well then you're just a heck of a guy and should be commended for your generosity.

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