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Originally Posted by aqib View Post
You know, not everything around here has to be construed or turned into personal attacks.... There is something called market rates. Bigger named firms get more credentialed people working for them therefore they can charge more money for their services. Firms only charge what people are willing to pay. So if you are charging less than you can get for your services well then you're just a heck of a guy and should be commended for your generosity.
Personal attack? Far from it. Simply pointing out some facts my good man. No way no how is Beacon in the range of $48K. Hell, I wouldnt pay them .48cents for an opinion and if I did, even asked them if it was raining outside, Id go check just to make sure. Go look up there forty eight thousand dollar "Glendale Arena Assessment Report" and then with a straight face try & tell me its worth every penny. Appears to have been written by a 1st year Community College student. That that fee is even remotely reasonable for the tripe they produced is beyond laughable. But g'head, defend them, defend gouging, usury fee's... and wont address your last sentence there as that is personal, and yes, I am a generous guy. Reasonable. I actually produce stuff thats worth more than what Im being paid for. Its called exceeding the clients expectations. Thats what professionals do, and they do it without taking advantage of & bankrupting whomever it is their doing work for & with. Ethics. Standards.

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