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04-20-2013, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR1967 View Post
It would also be a point of pride when we get in and the debbies don't - can be looked at either way. As for Torts, I doubt that missing the playoffs vs. getting shellacked by the Pens in the first round in a shortened season is going to dictate whether or not he keeps his job. Lastly, we HAVE beaten the Pens before - personally I'd rather face them in the first round than MTL, who we can never seem to solve. Not saying we have a great chance at beating the Pens in the first round, but theoretically it COULD happen.
1) Decent point, but I mean how low are our standards if it would be a point of pride of getting owned in the first round (not saying that's a guarantee, but if that doesn't happen this debate is moot) as an 8th seed, just because the Devils missed the playoffs? Sounds something Jets fans would be happy about. Sure we lost 40-0 in the WC round, but the Giants missed the playoffs!

2) Solid point, really no way of knowing. Seems like Slats likes him, so I figure he would search for any reason to not can him. But who knows, it's all speculation.

3) We lost to them 7 straight at one point. We beat them on a day they didn't show up, 6-1. We also lost to them in a shootout in the next game. I would assume they'd be healthier in the first round. Letang is back, will Sid be back? But who knows? Richards may have regained his game, Staal may round out the D. Who knows? I just think chances are it'll still be a quick series.

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