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04-20-2013, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by bluechipbonzo View Post
This issue is those who have been haters now have to contend with all the positives happening...their HF status is at stake- you know, whether or not they know anything about hockey. This is a hockey message board after all!

They have to hold the line and maintain that this team is not for real, that they haven't proved anything yet, that it's still been too long a wait...

The thing about being a hater NOW is that these last little protests are necessary in their metamorphosis. If they are to ever be HEARD here again, and if HF is to stay a big part of their lives, they'll need to change their tune. They know they will sound silly as the team continues to progress. They know they can't rail on Snow anymore, and are now going through the classic HF hater death throes...these are the last little whimpers.

Some haters will go away- usually to the message boards of other teams (Trottier) where their voices will have an audience. Some haters will make new accounts and join as "true blue" fans- watch in the coming days and weeks as the Islanders make the playoffs- there will be plenty of new accounts here.

But some- some haters will perform the necessary eating of crow.They will acknowledge that they were wrong about Snow. Some will claim they knew Bailey was the right pick all along.

Some will even start cutting their hair like captain Jack.

I have a question for you. Do you use the word "hater" so frequently in your everyday speech as well?

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