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04-20-2013, 02:46 PM
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Mike Millbury, the king of spewing ********, has arrived. Hi, Bardof.

No way to know whether Boyle wins that draw or not. Has he lost faceoffs too? Yes. Have some of them led to goals? Sure. But I think it isn't a reach to say that at the very least he certainly doesn't lose it as cleanly as Richie did. I have not seen Boyle lose a draw that led to a goal that cleanly all year. But either way, the point is he is the go-to guy in that situation, he wasn't an option, and look what happens - something that is much more likely to happen without him in that faceoff than with him. It is a clear example of the value he brings to the team. You are purposely being dense if you don't get that from what I said.

Spare us your mindless vitriol, keyboard cowboy.
Who is this "us" you speak of newcomer? You decided to provide a lecture from atop the mountain on the finer points of the game. And just cause you can't remember seeing doesn't mean it hasn't happened. "keyboard cowboy"? I promise you newbie that you and I would be having the same conversation face to face.

Anyway so far so good with BB on the shelf. You should try a little humility and get a good feel for the Board before "correcting" other posters. Respect is earned; especially here.