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Originally Posted by 4040tee View Post
Hey guys I made my school varsity ball hockey team recently as a defenceman and in my first game I ran into some serious trouble.

a) when i get the ball i feel like a deer in the headlights i have no idea who to pass it to
b) i cant make hard passes without them rising
c) when the defensive team is cycling i have trouble beating them on the boards because i try to stay towards my net and play it safe

my stickwork is really good and i rarely get beat one-on-one but i need advice moving the ball out of my zone and being assertive with it
a) before you get the ball, make a decision as to what you will do. make the easy play. A short pass. If the forwards are too ahead of the play, look to your d partner, it should open things up. if there is no easy pass just get it out, you dont wanna turn it over in your zone. as you gain confidence hold onto it longer, look for an open area and go there.

b)a ball is a bit harder than a puck to keep down but watch the follow through. practice one day just passing as hard as you can against a fence or boards or something.

c) read the play, if you see the play developing antcitpate and jump into it to break it up. pick you spots though, pay attention to each players tendencies.

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