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12-30-2003, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by beerpaul
So Mike doesn't think Holik should be on the list...and defiinately not Savard. I can see your point about Savard. Who would want a player who has 39 points in 28 games. The hightest point per game average in the league. Who creates more offensive opportunities than any player in the league. He's playing with Kozlov and Maceachern(spelling), not the greatest offensive linemates in the league. I don't know how many times Savard has set up Shaun with a wide open net, and he hasn't scored on any of them. Holik can add his big frame as his asset. No passion, no offense, ok defense. Yet another cave-man-like thinker. Size over talent, creativity and skill.
Size is low on what I look for in a player. Please don't make presumptions like that. It degrades conversation quickly.

I like what Savard's done this year. He's been an offensive threat and isn't riding anyone's coattails. But I wouldn't feel comfortable building a team around him right now, whereas I'm confident in Holik's abilities. He's a proven playoff performer who's consistent in racking up 40-50+ points each year while shutting down the opposition. He may have had some tough stretches in New York, but he's a winner and is proven.

If I'm building a team from scratch, that's what I'll look for. Holik's history, and capabilities right now outweigh Savard's for me in terms of building a new team. That's not to say Holik's more talented, or that Savard won't be better in the long run. I made my list as though I was building a new team for one season for a shot at the Cup, not for the long haul.

I also didn't consider players like Lecavalier, Koivu, Richards, or Allison, despite the fact that they're all far more talented than Madden or Holik. The reason being that they're all either unreliable in terms of clutch performance, or unreliable due to injury history.

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