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04-20-2013, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Bud2790 View Post
The guys next to me after the MDV ''offside'' goal: ''******** Di Vaio, toujours hors jeu''


This team signs way too much useless foreign players, I mean players from D2 are really that bad ?? You can risk 1 and 2 signings at max but Sick and tired of all these reject-SA loanees ending up nowhere. I thought Felipe was an exception coming in from Switzerland but Im afraid he isnít. As for Rivas, if he wants to leave let him leave. That will teach the management not to let go young prospect (valentin comes to mind). btw Where is Warner? Finally, I know I was very harsh to Ouimette but I agree that playing alongside Nesta is a MAJOR benifit, he should start as much as possible. Hopefully by next year he will be good enough to be MLS regular.

Paponi, is he any good? Wenger should play more he was our 1st PICK FFs.

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