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04-20-2013, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
You're a positive kinda guy, I like your posts but you spewed the same things about Gomez last season. You were wrong then, you're wrong now.

No he's not. By all accounts he's been a secondary scorer his entire career. Except for one season.

Injured players don't win you games. He's scored 28+29+8+14 goals in his four years with the habs, that amounts to 19.75 goals per year. I know you can prorate and PDO and corsi all the way to the moon but there is virtue in staying injury free. He can't get credit for potentially scoring goals he's never scored. He's a 20-25 goal scorer anyways, he's never broke 30 except for that one season.


He hasn't this season, except for very rare occasions but definitely not consistently. And definitely not effectively. He loses battles all over the ice, just watch the games I'm not making this up.

I'd argue that he kills a lot of plays that Pleks makes. They don't seem on the same wavelength at all.


Agreed. Well he's not Grabner-fast but he's fast and tenacious and good defensively.

He's a smurf on a team with undersized forwards and a public image of being a weak, soft team. He's a Devil, he's not a Hab and he has no ties to the city (I dunno this really bugs me personally, I don't expect it to bother other people). His wife's name is Harvest and that really bothers me too.

I'm not saying he's a bad hockey player, it just sucks that he's underperforming and has such a high position on the team. You can't bench him, you can't call him out when he deserves it, he gets all the PP time he wants, he gets the best centre we have... and he has a year left on a 5m contract with a NTC.
First off, when I say top-notch and put a comma next to it, it means that adjective goes with the noun that is coming up. By that, I meant that he was a top-notch secondary scorer and he is. He consistently scores 25-30 goal, and I don't think including last seasons numbers are fair considering he was injured and our offense was a black hole apart from DD's line.

Also, Gionta and Plekanec know where each other are on the ice, all the time. Gionta has made some great passes to Pleks this season and vice-versa, I think it is well-known they have great chemistry. I find Gionta has been winning a lot of battles this season too, just tonight I've noticed three board battles he won easily and a pretty great corner puck retrieval as well. He is definitely one of the better guys at winning board battles. He is also a good skater.

Look, I'm not trying to make it seem like he is an amazing player. I'm trying to say that he does what you expect from him and nothing more; brings the same skills to the ice every year and is a great secondary scorer. That is all.

We should be happy to have a player like him on the team and not complain with every little thing he does... which is what this thread has been lately. The reason he gets lots of minutes is because he is a veteran and is able to handle the load, while it would be detrimental to give rookies extra minutes. Also, the best way to get veterans out of slumps is to play them.

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