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04-20-2013, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
I truly think that other teams just watched videos of us and realized how our "system" works and how easy it is to screw it up. Once you do, nobody knows what to do.

Then there's all the missed chances and pathetic effort on the puck.

And then there's Price.

Still hoping this is all a nightmare...
this all comes down to 2 main issue that i do believe will be gone come play off time.. EFFORT and GIVING A ****! and they clearly dont.. and havent since they clinched.. there is only the young kids still trying their hardest but every one else is just letting off the gas in a bad way.

take price for instance.. look how slow hes moving and getting back up and reacting. hes not focused on the game and seem like he doesnt care right now.. hes still got all that talent but hes not giving the second thrid or fourth efforts that he normaly does .. come play offs i think he will be kicking into high gear rested and ready to go.

you look at all the players they are making a bare mininal effort just getting through these last games and thats it ... now some guys have just been bad all year but for those who are just suddenly not working hard... i think they too are just riding it out till the really show starts.

and like every body says it really doesnt matter where we finish in the standings once play off starts its a whole new beast.. they boys know it .. the coaches know it.. i find after watching every game this year that it is very apparent in these last 5 that they will to go all out is not there and frankly in the big picture it doesnt really matter...

yes this was pissing me off and making me crazy too .. but i've decieded to trust my teams decision and join their new philosophy of taking it easy until the play off start... cause man i am gonna need to be well rested to be ablet to handle all the stress of the first round .. never mind the 2nd or 3rd if we get there lol

edit: another point of interest that this might be some sort of plan is that they only line that is working their ***** off and scoring is being sat for most of these games... funny how that works.. if the plan was to win you would figure they would be playing the guys who are scoring a lot more... hmmm..

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