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12-30-2003, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Jets4Life
Call me crazy but I think Winnipeg has a much better chance of bringing the NHL back than people think if the lockout lasts over a year.

Lets get to corporate support now. Every company in Winnipeg would jump at a chance of bringing the Jets back to Winnipeg. The city still moans the Jets, and have never accepted the AHL Moose as a repacement. Look no further than Denver,CO or Minneapolis-St Paul for an idea of cities that didnt realize what they had until it was lost.

Remember in 1972, everyone laughed if you said Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Quebec would have NHL teams before the end of the decade, but it became reality. If the lockout lasts 18 months or more (which I think it will), the NHL will be desperate to move teams to Saskatoon, let alone Winnipeg.
Nice to see an optimist in the crowd but it was poor thinking by the designer to build a 15 000 seat arena without the similar NHL design to maximize revenue. The NHL will NEVER be desparate to move to Winnipeg or Saskatoon. While I don't deem it impossible, but like I have said before, after....

Portland, Seattle, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco and many other cities....Winnipeg might get considered.

But on top of it, I heard the guy from Winnipeg on FAN590 and he said that the building wasn't designed to be expanded. I think they are dead in the water....for decades at least.

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