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12-30-2003, 12:10 PM
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Ableedingmazing! So totally frustrating. You can't blame Murray or anyone for that toss at being frustrated or upset by this. I would doubt that Allison is lying, I just have a hard time believing the worst in people (unlike some) but damned if this isn't starting to look dodgy.

I suppose, that this means that any and every player can and should simply be able to say "I am not ready or I don't feel right" and have them get paid not to work. That said, I can't imagine that anyone who is being paid to play a pro sport wouldn't rather be playing. Unless there were some behind the doors problem between Allison and the Kings and he were sticking it to them this way as a way to have a piss at them I can see no reason why he wouldn't be telling the truth. When he plays he gets media attention and the adoration of thousands of hockey fans around the world. When he sits he draws allot of doubts along with his huge check.

Here's hoping he "feels" better and comes back soon and puts this all to an end. I do wonder though, after his troubles with his last team if this isn't some sort of a power trip for Ally but as I said, I have a hard time believing it possible.

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