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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
Looks par for the course to me. I've certainly seen far more expensive reports look no better than that one. And as CF pointed out - the report served its purpose, the purpose involved considerably more than $50k, so the money well spent for the folks who commissioned it.
Sure it served its purpose. The number just gaudy enough to fool people into thinking this particular "Consultant" knew what they were doing, they with just enough credibility to pass muster until you dig a little bit. And ya, you wanna pull off scams of the magnitude Edward Beasley in conjunction with Kaites, the Reinsdorfs, Matt Hulsizer, Greg Jamison & the NHL were contemplating then absolutely, call in the Paper Hangers. TL Hocking, Beacon Sports Capital Partners LLC, the lot of em. If your perusing reports of the sort being discussed here, and that those sorts of rates & the content contained therein are "par for the course" in your business dealings? Good luck with that. Must make for some amusing days provided you havent got any money tied up in them. Precisely the sort of nonsense that caused the closure of the VSE. Like reading IPO's from the Casablanca Stock Exchange. Highly amusing.

Originally Posted by Mork View Post
I think the NHL has really painted itself into a corner!
Thats what Im hoping, yet despite themselves, not because of their incredible vision & business acumen, they've been successful, are successful and will continue to be successful long after were all dust. That team could stay parked in Glendale, the NHL eating the losses for another 2-3yrs and theyd still get their money back, be made whole again; simply sell it to interests in Southern Ontario. No rush here whatsoever really. Purchase price, carrying costs.... all on the Visa card Mork.

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