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Originally Posted by Dynamo81 View Post
Correct, funnily enough the likes of Ovechkin and Malkin were grew up during the dark 90's. Cream always rises to the top.
Generations up to '87 born were still reaping the rewards of the soviet sport systems. In the early 90's, although bad, most sports were still relatively cheap if not free and were still coached by world class people. I was one of those kids So when Malkin and Ovi joined their hockey schools most of the traditions were still strong and the sport was relatively accessible. Also the culture of professional sports schools was still strong.

It's the later 90's, like 95 and forth when the sports system hit rock bottom around 98 and 99. So Malkin still had very good base to start with when he was a kid. But the generation of late 80's early 90's kids was just coming of age when they started (or most DIDN'T) start playing sports. That is when things like hockey equipment and schools got ridiculously expensive and people were poorer than ever. The coaching significantly dropped and corruption was at an all time high. Hence between 2006-2010 things were at the lowest in terms of youth results- the 'Perestroika' or crisis kids.

OR as we know them now, the kids who were born when the soviet players left the Russian leagues to go play abroad, and now we have the Galchenyuks and Barkovs and so on.

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