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04-20-2013, 09:00 PM
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Do you guys really think that the NHL would have voted a realignment which would have included QC? Like really believe that? This would have created a complete media storm.

No way is the NHL gonna admit to a relocation before they need to. You know they are still looking to sell locally. Announcing a move to QC would have killed all options.

Now, for all we know, the BOG voted on a second re-alignement where the Coyotes move. Or not. You know, planning doesn't seem like the NHL forte. It's at best, a bush league.

I chose to believe that the team will not be sold locally. That the CoG won't pay for another year of NHL hockey in the desert and that Seattle is not ready. With that in mind, either there was a plan B all along, or QC is gonna play in central division next season.

Of course, for someone believing that Seattle is ready, then the new alignment makes sense.

Or maybe the NHL will keep operating at loss in Glendale for another year while waiting for Seattle to be ready. Seems like a pretty ****ing stupid decision. Probably the most likely to happen then, knowing the NHL.

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