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04-20-2013, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by JackFr View Post
Might as well do the +/- thing. I was in the Upper Bowl so may not have had the perspective some of you did.

+ MacKinnon, could have racked up even more goals and points, he was on another level in the third
+ Drouin, a couple sloppy plays but also some jaw-dropping ones. Can't complain about 5 points either. Also nice job giving the EN to Mac.
+ Powerplay, this is clearly the Mooseheads' strength. Great mix of players and some really good chances. 2/5 is misleading but still solid.
+ Fucale, can't blame him for some bad defensive plays
+ Murphy, solid offensive spark
+ Weegar, love this guy and his response to the boarding was great.
+ Crowd, great atmosphere

= Konrad, some clutch blocks and solid PP, some bad turnovers.
= Frk, love the goal and the shot but the penalties have to stop
= Fournier, didn't really notice him after the first
= 2nd line, Some decent chances but this was Mac and Drouin's game.

- Defensive coverage on the goals
- Inconsistent reffing, bad for both teams
- Bobby Mac's voice
- The two Huskies fans behind me who spent the entire game complaining about Drouin's penalty shot
I'll add a + to that. Falkenham. He was used very well in this game and showed good grit, skill, hard work, and hockey sense. One play in particular where the Rouyn defender was letting a play develop as he waited behind the net with the puck, the winger starts to come behind the net to retrieve the puck and Falks reads the play and cuts it off before the winger can even get behind the net. I was really impressed with him tonight.

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