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04-20-2013, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Born in 1909 View Post
Lost 5 of 7 since Bourque returns to the lineup.

He possibly disrupted the forward chemistry big time.
I watched the game on the NBCSports channel. All they had was the feed from the Capitals announcers.

Yes, those guys were homers. But in the third period, they said something that rang true regarding what our biggest problem is.

The homers said that Adam Oates has stuck with the same line combinations (as best he could with injuries) throughout the season.

Anyone who has played competitive team sports understands why this is so important, especially in hockey. Players on lines who work together and are successful tend to know where their linemates are on the ice and where they are likely to be and the passing is much more accurate.

We have seen that all season long from the Habs. The best passing in years.

Bourque comes back and the 1st and 3rd lines were blown up. Prust demoted to the 4th which is a waste of his talent. And now the 2nd line has been blown up as well.

And some people are wondering why the Habs looked so bad for the last 6-7 games. No chemistry. No synergy. Players are trying to figure out where to go with the puck instead of acting on instinct.

Tonight I saw more passes to nowhere and no one than I have seen since last season. The team dynamic has been destroyed by Therrien.

Three games to go. Will Therrien have enough sense to put the lines back the way they were when Bourque was out and we were winning games? Or will he continue the madness and hope for the best?

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