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Originally Posted by Sceva Sct View Post
I'm not hating on him. It's about hoping for what I think is best for the team now and moving forward. Smith hasn't played well enough to get us in the playoffs this year, no reason to believe it will change now that the season is on the line. Johnson played well in all four games this year, which until he shows otherwise gives us the best chance to sneak in the playoffs, as unlikely as that is.

More than likely Smith is gone next year, whether its him wanting the moon or waiting on ownership, which means we need to figure out what to do next year in goal. Playing Johnson more could give us an idea if he'd be an adequate replacement for at least Barbs next year.

If I wanted to hate on Smith I'd get into how much I hate his constant diving and whining, which are things I hate when any player does regardless of how well they are playing.

Correct on what, and how, Doan was answering, but Tip certainly left a lot to interpret with his response to what happened that morning as it was notably different from what we normally get in regards to players injuries.
I would heartily disagree.

Starts the game with above a .909 save percentage. Although, yes, a save percentage above 91.5%, probably closer to 92.0% is excellent, he is still doing what he can do. Oh, and 5 shutouts in 30 games. 5 in 30.

To say that he is the reason that we are not making the playoffs is ludicrous. The team's play in front of him (loose pucks that we are not clearing out, shots in between the circles that are wide open) is what is causing this. There are times when I feel as if though Smith is helpless to some of the plays the team makes in front of him. While we have allowed fewer shots on the year, I actually think that we have allowed more quality shots by our opponent.

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