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04-20-2013, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
No, its not that "simple". I've personally got over 3 decades worth of working as a "Consultant" under my belt. Dealing with primarily entertainment but so too some sports properties and Im talking serious stuff, global, big stages. I dont need to be lectured by you or anyone else as to what constitutes "reasonable fee structures", be it venue assessment, marketing, legal. Sure Im aware of others in my industry grossly over-charging, bad apples everywhere, in every sector. I suppose I could triple, quadruple my rates for whatever. Just sit around in a Fez smoking a Hookah all day & wait for the phone to ring. Not.... I sometimes wonder if
Rack rate for large consulting firms vary but a senior manager rack rate is usually around 700 per hour. A consultant around 400 per hour. Independent or small firms rack rates are much less than that. I know you can go out and find them for 150 an hour for independent consultants at the consultant level. Still, at 150 an hour, along with 2,500 per week for travel, gets you 300 hours of time. Double the travel and the per hour and it comes down even more.

As for the final deliverable produced by Beacon, the CoG accepted the deliverable so they must have thought it was OK. Personally, if i turned something like that in, I would have been embarrassed but every person, regardless of their employer, have different viewpoints and standards for the work.

Also, the time interviewing is only one component as I pointed out before and you never know who else they interviewed during research before writing their opinion.

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