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04-21-2013, 12:15 AM
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Bengerm77, OK I see what you mean! Thanks.

AIREAYE, True and yep we play in Canada. However our association requires helmet not to be expired. Same for other clubs where he plays.
The main concern about current helmet is sweating.
We tried Reebok and it fits really well. We cant try Intake (no one in LHS)

Jarry Curry, I am not against second hand and most of stuff is second hand. But intermediate level second hand here cost same price as new equipment in US. SO why should not we order from there?
Also if you understand the equipment - I am not talking and not asking about top lines. I want some upgrades from entry-level to intermediate. Nothing more than that )

"Skate with your son"
- I do. This topic is not about development but if you wish, ice hockey and skating together improved him a lot. Its where we started and I hope this will not be finished soon )
- Also I allow him to play with older kids, this is another way of improvement. He did well with 1-2 years older pretty good players, and came back to his team he was just amazing. Dont want to say he matched those selected AAA players but he was able to compete and not bad. Still those guys (some of them) are excellent and I hope my son can be close to their level next year.

"What the **** has hockey become if you need the latest equipment."
- Again, I am not talking about latest lines such as Mako, Stealth, APX, Total One etc. Those are not required and would cost me a lot of money. Cant disagree. My subj is about medium price-quality gear.

Also its totally my idea, son is happy to play as is.
He is not equipment fan, he is hockey fan so he sleeps with stick and use it everywhere he can.
He never asked me to upgrade. I also tried to explain in topic why we need upgrade here and there.

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