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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
Is there an invoice? Can we see (see, not speculate) how many hours Beacon billed?
Its on the record. $48,000 for tripe. $2000 less than the maximum Beasley was allowed to award without receiving Council approval. Beacon hired upon the recommendation of Michael Reinsdorf with whom he & they have history, and it aint pretty. You'll find it in the library here. Few pages back I believe CF linked it. If you think that firms top-end, worth that kind of money for the 3 days they spent in putting it together, have actually read the thing, well, dunno what to say to you. If lets say SportsCorps an 8 out of 10 & worth those kinds of fee's, a company like Beacon would be about a 3.5, maybe a 4 out of 10.

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