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04-21-2013, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
My position is:

(a) the value of their work to the client was worth far more than the $50k the client paid for it
You come to this conclusion how? That the arena mgt fees can range between $6-15 MM (or whatever the appropriate number), thus paying $50K for a revenue potential study is fair?

That may be the case but that doesn't mean what Beacon delivered had that value.

Is that a correct characterization of your opinion?

(b) without seeing an actual invoice, it's impossible to discern what their billing rate actually was, so all discussion along those lines will "devolve" into meandering speculation
We don't have their billing rate, but we do know the total amount paid, and the contents of the study, correct? Would you pay $50K for that report if you had make a determination on what to pay in arena management fees?

I do agree that the speculation has indeed meandered.

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