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Originally Posted by HANDZ 57 View Post
A little off topic in this thread but since somebody brought up Allen and Binnington on the wolves...

Can players be loaned to other AHL clubs if there is no spot for them on the current roster? I'm guessing the answer is no, but I am curious. I remember we used to have Dallas prospects on the Rivermen, but I think that was due to them not having a team at all, right?
Yes, they can be loaned to AHL teams that currently don't have a working agreement with the loaning team. That was always normal practise in NHL/AHL relations as far as I remember. That commonly occurs when the loaning team's AHL or top minor league affiliate's roster is filled, and their 2nd tier minor league affiliate's roster is also filled, OR if the 2nd tier affiliate's level is too low for the player, so that his playing there rather than in The AHL, would stunt his development. This was done most often with extra goaltenders, but also done quite a bit with defencemen and forwards from NHL teams who had an unusual overstock of quality prospects.

The Habs loaned goaltender Michelle Plasse to The K.C. Blues', Rangers loaned Sheldon Kannegieser to K.C. Blues. The Blues loaned some players to Rangers' AHL Buffalo affilate when K.C.'s roster was filled. Blues loaned a few extra players to Denver (WHL) before making an official working agreement with them, when their K.C. roster was full.

Of course, there has to be an AHL team with space for the loanrd players, and their management willing to take on loaned players, with the reasoning that the loaned players will help their team, and also not impede the development of any players owned by their parent team.

It looks like The Blues will have too many goaltenders to stock St. Louis, Wolves AND Evansville. So, they will probably loan one to an AHL team that has roster space. They might do this EVEN if there was a place at Evansville, IF that back-up position there wouldn't provide the goalie (t.e.-say-Karpowich), a decent level of competition to move his career forward (e.g. his current playing level is too high calibre for that league).

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