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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
Came here to post this and to make sure you guys listen to the little note at the end of that interview after the interview ends:

Listen at 29:50
I asked Dater about the Vegas thing on twitter since he was the first to mention it but he didn't reply. I think I posted it here earlier this season as well but no one knew.

Dater mentioned a long time ago that Lacroix moved to Vegas and was rarely in Denver. I think it was after he had that serious health scare. That's why he's never seen at the home games (until recently) but he has been at games in Phoenix, Anaheim, LA, etc. (We drove from Vegas to LA this past summer and got there in around 5 hours I think so it should be a really quick flight for Lacroix). So our owner doesn't attend many (any?) home games and our team president lives in Vegas.

They're right about the fact that Sakic can never really have control of the Avs organization because Lacroix will always have his fingerprints all over it. It's sad that we can't even laugh at the Islanders, Blue Jackets, Oilers, etc anymore because the Avs might be the biggest joke in the league.

Originally Posted by Hennessy View Post
It's not playing for me. Could someone give me a summary?
Try this link (around 20 mins in):

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