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04-21-2013, 05:54 AM
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I remember thinking at the time, regarding the EJ trade, that the Avs didn't appear to do that well out of it. Granted, at the time I was really just a hockey fan and wasn't yet an Avs fan.

However. Directly comparing Shattenkirk with Barrie and Elliott is a slightly null point. Shatty was a first round defenseman. Barrie and Elliott were not. Despite having a good level of success post draft, they were always gonna be more of a project than a defenseman taken 14th overall as opposed to 49th and 62nd.

Also, Shattenkirk was put in a better place to thrive after the trade. He went to a team with solid D in Jackman and Coliacovo and an emerging stud in Pietro. You can't say similar pieces were here for EJ. He gives us a bonifide top pairing defenseman. Whether he's a true #1 or more of a #2 is still up for debate. But can really only be debated when he has that other piece next to him.

Stewart was a bit more of a question mark for me. As a non Avs fan at the time, I couldn't understand why he was given up. He potentially looked like a perennial 30ish goal scorer. But a 1st and McClement coming back seemed reasonable, perhaps not great given the 2nd too.

For me this trade still can't be really evaluated until;
1. EJ has a legitimate partner who is at his level.
2. Siemens and Rattie are given a chance to develop.

Stewart will likely always be the hot and cold floating player, more potential than punch. Shatty will be a good PMD. I think people here evaluate this badly because all we really have to show for this trade is EJ thus far. If McClement was still, and playing well as he has been, would people be as upset with this trade?

As for the rest of the trades Sherman has made while I've been here? Varly? Possibly overpaid, again difficult to tell given that we know he certainly has the talent, but doesn't quite have the D in front yet. Downie? Yes, good trade. Quincey might have been a piece who would have helped this season but with downie out its not like you have the counterbalancing effect from this trade. Still like downie a lot, wasn't a huge Quincey fan. Galiardi/Winnik for Sgarbossa/Connolly. Too early to really tell, Sgarbossa is playing well in the AHL. Needs more time. Galiardi has continued his lack of a true position/playing type on a stacked SJS team. Winnik is no loss.

All in all, assuming Sherman made those trades and not PL, I'm reasonably happy with the work of Sherman, certainly since I became a fan. Before that, I can't really comment since I wasn't about. He seems to be making smart trades recently. Sacco can eat ****. I have no system or true intricate knowledge about the game and even I can see they lack direction and functionality.

The organisation are far too secretive for my liking. I want to feel connected to my team. I always want to be able to see whats happening, not to a ridiculous extent, but certainly to feel more attached to the player. That's why I loved the 24/7 series. Getting to see the players interact more naturally rather than the same BS cliched interviews you see. Even something like Oil Change would be interesting to watch to see more of the players as people. This is particularly damning from someone who has absolutely no access outside of their website and the game feeds on NHL gamecenter.

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