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Staal's eye is still dilated. Usually the eye drops used to dilate the eye wear off in a few hours. My friend is an eye doctor. She told me there are long term eye drops used in some occasions. Staal suffered a serious eye injury. Atropine is a eye drop. Its applied to 2 to 4 times per day.

Common Side Effects
Atropine eye drops can cause blurred vision, and people should avoid driving if they experience this side effect. Another common side effect is sensitivity to bright light, because the pupil cannot react to light while under the influence of atropine. These side effects disappear as the medication wears off.
Read more: Side Effects of Atropine Eye Drops |

Staal's issues are blurred vision and sensitivity to bright lights. Staal is trying out colored visors to block out the bright light coming into the dilated eye.

Atropine makes the pupil of your eye larger and relaxes the muscles in your eye. These things make it easier for your eye to be examined and your vision tested. It is commonly prescribed for young children who need eye tests.

Atropine may also have been prescribed for you alongside other drops to treat anterior uveitis. This is a painful eye condition caused by inflammation within the eye. By making your pupil larger and relaxing the muscles in your eye, this reduces the pain and allows the inflamed part of your eye to rest and recover

Atropine may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

eye irritation and redness

swelling of the eyelids

sensitivity to bright light

dry mouth

red or dry skin

blurred vision

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