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Originally Posted by ImGoingNucks View Post
So it's time to evaluate this shortened season with few games left of it before the PO's.

Frans Nielsen - Started slow, but has taken speed and is getting his points, he REALLY want's PO time! - Overall a good season on pace for 60ish pts.

Just to illustrate how much Frans want's PO

Jannik Hansen - Had to take top 6 responsibilities early on in the season and has carried the team along with the twins thus far. He has taken his game to the next level and is on pace for 55ish pts. - Overall a very good season.

Peter Regin - I think we all agree that his is the most dissapointing story of all, he is done at NHL level. Hope he can restart his career in Europe.

Philip Larsen - Bank, please do the honours

Oliver Lauridsen - Very small sample, but he is not ready for the NHL and that's also the picture they give over at the Flyers board.

Nicklas Jensen - VERY VERY Small sample, didn't dissapoint, didn't exite. AHL is another story, he has not lived up too expectations there imo.

Lars Eller - For me he is the most positive suprise of all, came out strong from the doghouse and has been one of Montreal's most consistent players , and that's with almost NO PP and a low average TOI. On pace for 55pts aswell - Overall a very good season, he has shown that he is an elite 3rd liner at worst!

Mikkel Boedker - Now he may lead his team in pts (7-18-25) and im going to get alot of heat for this, but for me outside of Regin, Boedker is the biggest dissapointment. He is just way too inconsistent and he should score more with that speed and shot, al'a Grabner. It may be the team, the coach and the conference he is in. But I don't know, I just see so much more in his game to be explored. I love Phoenix, I do, they have great fans and a loveable team, but I would love to see Boeds on an Eastern conference team.
Here is my view of the danish players:
Frans Nielsen have generally had a strange season. Tons of assists both in SM-liiga and NHL, but scoring jinxed (only 6,9 in scoring%).
Even in SO he is only 40% this season (2 out of 5), and also had misses in Finland. He had some games with bad -statistics, but is slowly going towards a positive (-2 currently).
He really seems to have found form both offensively and defensively in the last couple of matches after struggling a bit the entire season. Hope he can get the chance to continue his current play in the playoffs.

Jannik Hansen's production is a bit up and down, but seems to always play 100%. A good season for him and he just keeps improving every year. Who would have thought he would be the best danish goalscorer this season so far? (the former "hands of stone" guy).

Mikkel Bødker definitely scored much less than I expected. After his goal-galore in Finland I would have thought he could translate it better to NHL. I think the comparison with Grabner is very fitting, But Bødker only has 7 goals whereas Grabner has 16 with much less icetime. Maybe it's because he is a bit constricted by Tippet's system, but I would have thought he would lead the danish players in goals by a fair margin with his talent.

Lars Eller certainly changed a very bad situation around. He is a great talent and hopefully he can stay on the line with Galchenyuk and keep developing offensively, since he is defensively sound for a third line as minimum.

Philip Larsen. Disappointing season after his great SM-liiga play. He is by far the worst d-man in Dalles with -10 statistics. He seems to have lost all his confidence. Hopefully he can find it again. Maybe in all honesty he is too light for NHL?

Oliver Lauridsen was thrown quite unexpectedly into NHL. He probably wasn't ready, but this should give him lots a experience he can build on for the future. At least he has the "mass" Philip Larsen doesn't. With continuing improved skating he will get closer to a fixed roster position.

Peter Regin has survived this season without further injury. That is the only positive. He hasn't been waived either.
But as his contract with Ottawa runs out what then? For his NHL career he hopefully can resign a year with a minimum wage with Ottawa? Don't know if other teams would be interested?
If not it's probably back to Sweden? For Danish players KHL is still very "exotic", but either Dinamo Riga or SKA St. Petersburg is maybe "western" enough to lure a danish player over? Dinamo Riga is the most likely to try since they need centers!

Nicklas Jensen have had enormous ups and downs this season. He is clearly in a slump these last months after a fantastic seasonal beginning for AIK. He needs more consistency. Hopefully it comes with age. But his AHL play lately has surely been disappointing.

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