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04-21-2013, 09:45 AM
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Seems to me people are wrongly placing so much blame on the bottom 6 forwards on this team and the defense.

Early in the season we lost games by the slimmest margin most of the time. We needed a one goal for or against differential.

As the year wore on we started to win games big against some teams and loose big against others.
When we lost our top players were held pointless or close and bled goals against.
When we won those same players destroyed the opposition.
Closer to the end of the year more and more teams figured out our top lines and killed us.

Sems to me our problem is the top 6.

Way back when we ruled the league Sather would put out two lines of two great players and one very tough player until the the other team had fear. This was enough to keep the games close or even slightly to our advantage. Then would slip a third good player in and rule. It didn't matter how good or bad the defense or goaltending was (and let me tell you it sucked bad some nights Mr. Lowe and Mr. Fehr)

Now this may not work exactly anymore but I think we need a bit of this.
Maybe we don't need a second line awesome huge centre for the Hall ..... Yak line just someone very tough to play against and pretty good. (fast and a good face off guy would be nice)
Maybe we don't need an awesome winger for Nuge and Eberle line just someone very tough to play against and pretty good. (fast would be nice). Look how good they played with even Paajarvi who does have the skill to do this but is a softie to play against.

Let the bottom 6 and defense just be good enough to hold there own (and be tough, very tough)

People feared Gretzky Kurri Semenko for the first period (except Calgary). And we still scored some goals.

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