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04-21-2013, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
What part of Florida are you looking at?
We're looking primarily in the Ft. Myers/Cape Coral area. Gf's family has a gorgeous condo in Naples, and Naples is really nice but a lot of it is expensive and it's largely a retirement community. Things close down early and aside from a vacation stop we'd probably get kind of bored living there. Most of the homes we're finding for the best value as far as price and what you get for it are in Cape Coral. I have an aunt and uncle that live there, too, been there before.

My girlfriend may open her own branch of her family business down there and I've already been in contact with the EMS coordinators down there and I could get a job making as much as I'd make on CFD or any of the suburban fire departments here which translates to even more down there given the cost of living difference. Could still do the scouting thing it would just require out of town travel a little more often. There's a couple schools down there I could instruct at, as well. Lot of possibilities.

Sales tax is only 6%, property taxes are a fraction of what they are here, no state income tax, it's crazy. Linking a couple of homes below we're looking at just as examples. Our house here in Chicago is worth about $270,000, and for the similar prices we can find what I've linked below. Oh yeah, and you're a mere few miles from the beach/ocean on a daily basis. A lot of her family is on board as well and interested in going down. Just doing our research in the meantime. It's exciting. I love my hometown and always will, but I'm kinda over living here. The weather blows, taxes are sky-high especially in the city, you have nothing to show for the sky-high taxes other than cities and the state crying broke, tolls suck,roads suck, congestion sucks....I'd be giving up on my dream job but that job isn't a guarantee and with the shape this city is in and with everything going on I can give that up knowing I'd be gaining so much more elsewhere. We'll see what happens. Huge fan of this one.

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