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04-21-2013, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
Kassian had a hold of McLaren's right wrist almost the entire fight and McLaren was trying to get lose the entire fight... hense the "headbutt" and the squirming.

As for leaf fans... I think having Orr and McLaren (and Brown as well) as regular fighters has us expecting slugfests every fight. Neil held on for dear life against Orr... there's no denying that. Kassian however here was throwing while not allowing McLaren lose. There is a difference.
Lmao. Good series of games between the laffs and sens. Tons of homer comments throughout the year I love it. Actually it was Orr hanging on for dear life as Ge was throwing nothing and is too weak to push Neil away. Dominated.

Rewatched this fight again. For sure the first "head butt" was accidental the second was more controlled and deliberate and the hair pull was accidental. I think if the head butt would of landed flush it would of been a big deal but as it didn't I am sure he won't be trying it again.

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