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04-21-2013, 11:50 AM
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[QUOTE=Jack de la Hoya;64379711]I'm opposed to moving Coburn at this point--barring some absurd overpayment, of course.

Three reasons:

Originally Posted by Jack de la Hoya View Post
1) Timonen may well retire at the end of next year, and Meszaros, absent some sort of 180 turn, is likely to be let go. Letting Coburn go as well would leave us with Grossmann and Schenn and a bunch of young guys.
If Timonen and Meszaros are gone after the 2014 season, there's still plenty of good defensemen available via free agency. Bouwmeester, Phaneuf, Letang, Hjalmarsson, Seidenberg, Girardi, Niskanen, Nikitin, Mark Stuart, Mark Fayne, Raphael Diaz are just some of the guys available. I'd be comfortable if the Flyers managed to sign two of those guys to add to Grossmann, Schenn, Gustafsson and whoever they acquire this year.

Originally Posted by Jack de la Hoya View Post
2) I believe Coburn can and will rebound next year if paired with a proper PMD. Our priority, I think, should to be acquire / draft / develop a partner for Coburn. For example, the most likely "blockbuster" move, in my opinion, would be something around Couturier + for Yandle--and Yandle and Coburn would be a very strong 2nd pairing--really a 1B type.
Here's the thing with Coburn. I don't buy that he can rebound with a PMD. He showed in the playoffs that he could be partnered with a guy like Grossmann and be effective. Every year that Coburn has been in Philadelphia, I look at the partners he's played with and not one of them have been able to help him get over the hump and be a consistent defenseman game in and game out. He's played with guys like Derian Hatcher, Jason Smith, Kimmo Timonen as well as Pronger and most recently, Nick Grossmann. At some point, one would expect Coburn to put it all together and he just hasn't, what ever the reason is. Will partnering Coburn with a guy like Yandle help him get over the hump? I don't think so and it's simply because Coburn hasn't shown the ability to play in a consistent manner for an entire season. At some point, you've got to cut bait. Yes, I get that he's got a decent cap hit and that he can play in a top four role. But at the same time, you've got to shelter Coburn and he can't be a lead pairing defenseman or else he just falls apart. He's not capable of being a lead guy and with the money that Coburn makes, that's what a lead pairing defenseman makes.

Originally Posted by Jack de la Hoya View Post
3) Trading Coburn now would be selling at an all-time low. Even if you don't think he's going to ever be the shutdown #2 that we hoped, he's still an effective 2nd pairing defensemen with above average mobility.
I don't think selling Coburn now would be selling at a low. There's going to be some team out there that will be enticed by the package he brings and that they'll want to take a chance on him. Hey, I love the skillset that Coburn brings. For a big man, he can really skate and when he's on, he can handle the puck and he can play like he's an all star. The problem with Coburn is that he doesn't do this consistently - strike shortened season or not. For 8 years, I know that myself and other fans have been waiting for the real Coburn to emerge and for 8 years, he's consistently disappointed. Just when you think he's about to turn the corner, he falls back into a rut.

I'd love to see him put it all together, but he'll never put it together here. He's never been the same player since he took the puck in the face in that Pittsburgh series. He needs a change of scenery and it's time for him to go.

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