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04-21-2013, 12:09 PM
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who cares? alot of you talk about crawford's goals "deflating" the team and constantly rip his mental state, yet what does it say about the skaters if a ga "deflates" them? sounds to me like they are the ones with the problems between the ears.

or, far more likely its just dumb conjecture and too many of you already have your minds made up about crawford and search for evidence to support it instead of looking at the evidence and then forming a conclusion.

he given up 2 goals a game and saved 92.4% of shots that are put on him, that's more than good enough to win with the talent the hawks have. and guess what? they have won, and at a historic rate. some of you have been so taken by the hawks record start that you've deluded yourselves into thinking we should win every game and never give up a goal.

the team that scores over 3 goals a game is held to 2 goals, the goalie who allows 2 goals a game allows 2 goals. and its the goalie's fault? how many games do you realistically think this or any team will win when they don't score an es goal?

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