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04-21-2013, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Tommy Hawk View Post
I read through the RFP and it was pretty good.
Were not talking about the RFP Tommy, were talking about an earlier Report provided by Beacon upon Michael Reinsdorfs recommendation to Ed Beasley that they be retained to provide an Arena Assessment while Jerry Moyes still owned the club. The RFP on the surface looks perfectly kosher & is in fact well thought out & drafted. So far so good. However, in light of Beacons track record in California, Texas, Florida & elsewhere, and in consideration of what they produced for forty eight grand over 3 days 4 years ago, Im not comfortable with them, havent been for some time, and for the sake of complete & total transparency, that second guessing & suspicions dont rear their ugly heads it wouldve been far more prudent to have employed someone else to have crafted the RFP, and we dont know to what extent they'll be acting as Gatekeepers from that point & here on out. How much Glendale will be relying upon their advice & guidance....

I dont trust them. Bottom line.

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