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04-21-2013, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Insta View Post
2-3 months ago?? This season was 3 months long. Sorry but him missing the entire 2nd season would be a complete disaster. So he had some shoulder discomfort and didn't play to the best of his healthy ability, boo hoo. He isn't going to miss half of next year unless something goes terribly wrong during his recovery.
that is my entire point... we all knew he had this injury before the WJCs... but yet he went and played in the WJC, for some unknown reason, and then played the entire season with a bum shoulder.... both of these decisions were ********... nobody expected to actually make the playoffs this year, so why was RNH playing still... it makes no sense whatsoever

he could have had the surgery in january and be only 2-3 months away from being fully recovered.... this would have allowed him to get in 2 months of training for next season (which is the important season anyhow, where we expect to challenge for the playoffs).... instead of that reasonable idea, RNH will have surgery sometime in the next week, not be able to train at all, and likely be pushed back into action a little too soon next november

just a ridiculously stupid decision to let him play this season, inexcusable

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