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04-21-2013, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
I think size is very overrated, unless you happen to be a slower skater. I don't think Nylander will have much of a problem since he's advertised as a shifty, agile, speedy player. His hockey sense should help him avoid getting pasted every shift. And I'd say RNH fits the description, he went 1 overall in 2011.

I think Nylander could be that missing piece.
And I'm not sold on RNH TBH. He has yet to figure out how to translate his skill to ES play at the NHL level, and could end up a PP specialist. Hardly franchise material. Good player no doubt, but not "let's purposefully throw our entire season down the toilet"-good.

But really, you don't tank a season under any circumstances when you have a roster of the calibre the NYR have. If you tank, you'll have to replace a huge part of that roster before you can become competitive again as that locker room will just be DEAD. It would also likely hurt the development of our younger guys. Not a good plan.

Re. Nylander Jr.; he seems to have a slight attitude problem. He seems REALLY cocky, and not the good supremely-confident type cocky like say J.T. Miller, but the bad "I'm awesome and I'm going to rub it in everyone's face" kind of cocky. That kind of cocky can lead to a player that is hard to coach and who refuses to work on his weaknesses because he can get away with relying on his strengths.

Hopefully playing alongside his dad who definitely isn't like that will tone it down, and if they go to the SEL like rumoured, it should also give him a reality check in what the pro game will require.

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