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Originally Posted by WPGNYRFan View Post
Hello all, I've just started watching cricket in the last week. The Rajasthan Royals have been on a few times and I started watching out of curiousity. Now I find that I really like watching it! So many rules to figure out, I'm slowly learning them, but man is it confusing to start! Currently I know absolutely nothing of the leagues but I did earlier in this thread about the site cricinfo, so I'll be heading over there to take a look soon. So far my favorite player is Binny from RR but I guess that doesn't mean to much seeing as I've only ever seen a few teams play so far.

Edit: bah! Went over to espncricinfo and the main article was about the match I'm currently watching. Guess I'm watching a repeat of an earlier match, and now I know who won.
Hey! You can go to this site to help you learn the basic rules first:

As villevalo said, the format of cricket you are watching is called Twenty 20 (20 overs), or T20 for short. There are two other formats of cricket played - One Day (50 overs) and Test (Unlimited overs, but 5 days max for the game). The link will explain this stuff in a little more detail. In cricket, the big money leagues are the T20 leagues, as it's deemed more entertaining.

International cricket is just as popular and common as league cricket. International cricket goes on all year round, and players need to get permissions from their country's cricket boards before they can go over and play in foreign leagues. The international governing body for cricket is called ICC (International Cricket Council).

The most prestigious trophy in cricket is the World Cup Trophy. The competition for the trophy occurs every 4 years (similar to soccer worldcup). The last world cup took place in 2011 - jointy hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. India won the cup on their home soil. Australia holds the record for the most Word Cup trophies (4). They won the WC 3 straight times before India broke their streak in 2011.

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