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04-21-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilfan2 View Post
Those 2 are 3rd line players..You've just made our top 6 worse without making them any tougher to play against..

Horcoff needs to be bought out and where are the players you got when you traded Hemsky and Gagner??
Stahlbergs development points straight up! He has also played topsix minutes in the hawks and arent a grinder as some people thinks who doesnt followed his development, Hes one of nhl fastest player is big and has starting to driving the net and doesnt take so much these long shots as before, rather have him then Mps(no hands and less psysical) in a topline.

Antropov doesnt improve Gagners offensive numbers this year, but he had 24+43 67 p 76 gp a couple of years ago and i think he leads the jets forwards in hits this season. The problem with him is that hes a streaky kind of player(penner lazy type) but i rather have him then a defensive shortcoming Gagner there pushed around, that we could lose in the offensive we gain in defence and get a lot tougher to play against, I mean Gagner/Mps Lmao!

We can dream about trading for a ready and complete 2C, but in reality we must look at whats possible(without losing 1 of the big 4),2 years at 4,3 for antropov isnt a high risk, he plays also Rw just fine and in the bottom lines. People rather pay Gags 5x5 after a hot streak who has already cooled off.

Use hemsky to move up in the draft for Barkov or Lindholm, alone maybe Hemsky get us a great 4th liner.

Im not sold on Antropov , But his huge and has experience,can hit and has scoring potential, With him and stahlberg, we wouldnt be pushed around as lately and Yakupovs space would benefit from these 2.

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