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04-21-2013, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by sOiled View Post
Except you don't have their opinions, you're just speculating.
It is pretty easy to see what their opinions are based on the actions they have taken.

In fact everyone else on this thread seems to be speculating the other way, and saying that they made the wrong decision. I tend to agree with Insta, as unpopular as that idea seems to be. We do not know all of the facts, so it would be ignorant to assume we know better.

I really want to agree, and say "yeah they should have pulled him a long time ago". But if the injury was really from more than 2 years ago, then it obviously is something that he could live with. I have a friend that had something similar done a few years back, and he had waited over 5 years from the original injury before he had it done, just because he couldn't afford to take 5-6 months off work. He was fine the whole time though, playing soccer and hockey, and said it was just a bit of pain. He recovered 100%.

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