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04-21-2013, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by JimLaheyprobert View Post
Haha that's a bit extreme pal. I mean sure he lost, but the kassian and Orr fight lasted a whole 4 seconds and i don't even think anything landed, and the neil and orr fight, neil landed a few dirty boxing punches that im sure didn't affect orr at all and just ended up being a lot of hugging between both fighters. Again sure Orr lost, but your just being ignorant if your calling him Ottawa's personally punching bag lmao. Plus i dont wanna bring up fights that happened a few years ago, but Orr has beat up neil before, so its not like they faught once and neil won. And Orr's win was probably more appealing to fight fans and probably a better win then neils win.
As a sens fan, I agree with the general idea of your post.. Just ignore Sens fans that exaggerate. Happens on both sides.

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