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04-21-2013, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Canadian Guy View Post
I don't think it's fair to say that the Senators' chances were all perimeter shots: Ottawa was dominating play until the Leafs scored and then got all the puck luck backed up by the new Tim Thomas. I do agree that ideally the team would crash the net more but alas, we're not built for that.

The Senators played a strong game but Carlyle is the new Quinn: the perfect coach against our system. The Leafs had an easy time disrupting a lot of our passes in their zone and that tells me MacLean needs to make a serious adjustment as to how we approach the offense when playing against them.
There is a difference between dominating the play in the offensive zone and dominating the play with offensive scoring chances. All the Sens did was cycle cycle cycle and bring absolutely no real puck threat to the net besides Condra's attempt and even he looked shocked the puck got to him.

People don't seem to understand the difference between puck possession in offensive zone and offensive zone scoring pressure.

Remember the Florida game where we outshot them 47-17 but scoring chances were like 14-10.

Also, why are people praising the Leafs system so highly when the 2 players that alter the entire offensive scheme of our team are missing. Those 2 players are the type of skilled talent that destruct the defensive attempts Toronto makes cause it's too much talent.

Notice Tavares line 2 nights ago who dominated the Leafs. Put ANY purely skilled line against the Leafs and they start panicing.

We have been winning because of hardwork but Leafs can match that with a little skill.

That's all, people complicated the system too much, lol.

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