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09-07-2006, 01:40 AM
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Golf Tournament Tidbits

Condensed Summary of tidbits from the Golf Tournament as reported by the gang on CKAC, and RDS. And some comments from me.

- There was no representative from the Gillet family at the tourney. Apparently, George Gillet's wife had arranged a trip to Alaska to celebrate the couple's 52nd (What they said...) year of marriage and Mr. Gillet was unavailable. And their son Foster was no-where to be seen neither. Hmmm.....could there be ownership changes in the air?

- The reason of Samsonov's visa problem is that he wanted to come to the tourney and then leave Canada to come back next week. Apparently, visa people don't like the idea. And why he didn't want to be in Montreal for a week before the camp starts, to figure things out and such, I don't know. Samsonov will live in Jose Theodore's old house, also.

- Andrei Markov never made it to the golf course. He got lost, and also lost his information card they had given case he got lost. One of his teammates found him in time for the night charity event/meal. I swear I couldn't make him sound any stupider if I tried. This man has serious issues. Maybe it is best for him to just go back to Russia and be home. I wonder if he's illiterate? I don't know, swinging in the dark here, but hey...

- Talking about swinging, Alexander Perezhogin had never played golf before, but he sure tried. A natural lefty swing, he got put in a foursome with 3 righties. So he got the idea that he HAD to swing righty. After swinging and missing 7 times (What they said..), he finally touched the ball, which went all of 10 yards. His foursome mates explained him he could play lefty if he wanted. So he switched sides, swung and missed a couple more times and finally hit the ball again for another negligible gain. He finally gave up. But, in the feel good part of the story, Perezhogin spent the remainder of his day helping volunteers working for the Canadiens Foundation For Children, setting up tables, cutting vegetables and making sandwiches. He also helped a poor lost guy find his way to the charity meal after he had missed on the golfing part of the day. CKAC's talking heads praised him. I'll praise him too. Markov would have hidden behind a tree...

- ...And Plekanec wouldn't have shown up...err, he didn't? He could have been on vegetables duty, too. It's a charity event, Tomas. I'm sure the guy knows better than that and is not rotten or anything.

- Mike Johnson can hack his way through a few words of French, and can understand it good. He claims spending years sharing rooms with Quebecers helped him with it. Ron Fournier also says that Mike Johnson has a hell of an handshake and just "Looks Like A Hockey Player" which is a concept lost on many people, but which is true in Johnson's case.

- Koivu golfed. Don't know how well he golfed, but there's no way you can hit a golf ball with a golf club at all with an eye injury that kills your peripheric vision and supposedly threatens your career. And he did golf. So he'll surely be able to hit the puck with the stick when time comes, don't worry.

- Heard of Kovalev? He lost 9 pounds. That's it, that's Kovalev's news. No news if he's speaking French now. Or if he's still pissed over Gainey finger pointing him in the playoffs last year. Or on his opinion on anything.

- CKAC host Christian Gauthier confronted Mike Ribeiro, saying "You know, I've been saying that sometimes you look like you lack intensity. Now, I've never doubted your skills, but you are not as intense as, say, Steve Begin. What do you say about that?"

Ribeiro, probably bent over in pain after that well placed zinger to the ego, paused for 2-3 seconds, started a sentence, fumbled his words and then said: "Well, I am not the same kind of player as Steve, so no I am not as intense as him....".

If you want my opinion on the question, well, To quote Eric Cartman from the episode "The Passion Of The Jew": "If I knew where Christian Gauthier was, I'd be down on the floor licking his balls at this very moment, sir"

Now if you want my opinion on answer, I'll say it was very weak indeed.

- Fournier expects a third line of Perezhogin, Plekanec and Kostsitsyn; a fourth line with Begin, Bonk & Johnson.

- They've renewed Youppi!

- The Gold Tourney & The Meal raised 350,000$ for the foundation.

And that sums about all that happened.

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