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04-21-2013, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by oiLowe View Post
Labrum tears are the single most common injuries in junior hockey players. When I worked in Junior A approximately 1/3 of every roster struggled with labrum strain throughout the season. In major junior I have heard these percentages to be even higher.

No surprise that this came from his junior days. I would guess a slight guy like RNH has been dealing with this type of injury well before anyone understands.

Labrum tears are nearly impossible to see on an MRI and are commonly treated with therapy for long periods time before the nagging pain causes a lack of mobility. The truth is, if you're not an athlete a labrum tear would almost never need surgery.

In RNHs case I think this is a perfect scenario for him. He was able to play basically a full season and increase overall muscle mass. Most people don't realize that these injuries can actually help overall shoulder strength. In order to maintain range of motion with a labrum tear you actually need to increase surrounding muscles. HE will be stronger overall because of this.

As for recover time, I would guess 3 months before he's shooting and then probably another month before he is completely recovered for physical contact. Not sure where there puts him for the start of the season but I can't seeing him missing more than a handful of games. That is, if they even do surgery at all.
Thanks for your post.

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