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04-21-2013, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Carolinas Identity View Post
At least Atlanta has Park and entertain for families. It's not minus 40 something so I don't need to take tunnel to arena.

I dare you to live in an NHL market in Canada and also be a fan of a Southern team for a year. You'll quickly change your tune lol
Let me clarify by my "as bad as Atlanta had it." I meant in terms of team operations. Let it not go unsaid that ASG ran that franchise into the ground on the backs of those fans. My hatred of Winnipeg is magnified beyond my normal hatred of Canadian franchises simply because of how they got that team and who they got it from. I'd honestly love to hear Winnipeg fans griping about how ownership told them to "deal with" a problem at the arena. I'd love to see them trade off their best players and prospects for a song. In shot I'd love to see them become an abject failure and finally dispel this myth of how awesome the poor, downtrodden Winnipeg fan was who had to sit through the injustice of *gasp* AHL hockey.

And I agree with you totally, CI. Any media story about how awesome a Jets playoff crowd is comes at the expense of fans in cities like Anaheim, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Phoenix, Sunrise, Tampa, and Raleigh. The subtextual, if not explicit call is for teams to be removed from those markets and moved to "more deserving" places in the great white north. "See? They sucked when they played in Atlanta but now that they're here in Winnipeg, where the fans care, we're excited to bring you playoff hockey!"

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